Sunday, May 28, 2023
America Wines Awards 2022
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IPL Brands B.V. by America Wines Paper

Discover the Award-Winning Wines and Beverages of IPL Brands B.V.

IPL Brands B.V. has recently made waves in the USA wine and beverages market, winning an impressive 6 Gold Medal Awards and Silver Medal Award at the America Awards 2023 for their products. Among the award-winning products are YBY...
Tenuta Zai srl società agricola by America Wines Paper

Savor the Flavor of the Terroir with Tenuta Zai’s Handcrafted Wines

Tenuta Zai srl società agricola is a family-run business located in Alonte, nestled in the beautiful natural context of the Berici Hills. The estate is renowned for producing high-quality wines that express the unique flavor and character of the...
Crosarola's Award-Winning Wines: The Perfect Addition to Your Collection

Crosarola’s Award-Winning Wines: The Perfect Addition to Your Collection

The USA Wine and Beverages Market is constantly evolving and expanding, with a wide variety of products from all around the world. Among the many high-quality wines and beverages that are available, one brand that stands out is Crosarola,...
Dacastello Vini by America Wines Paper

Raise a Glass to Quality: Dacastello Vini’s Award-Winning Wines

Dacastello Vini Pregiati, an Italian wine company, has won 8 gold medal awards and 2 silver medal awards in America Awards 2023 for their products. The gold medal-winning products include Prosecco Treviso d.o.c Millesimato Extra Dry, Le Clivie, Amarone...
From the Heart of Ukraine: Villa Tinta's Journey to American Wine Fame

From the Heart of Ukraine: Villa Tinta’s Journey to American Wine Fame

The world of wine is vast and diverse, and it is a constant pleasure to discover new brands and flavors. One such discovery that has taken the American wine market by storm is Villa Tinta, a family-owned winery located...
Elevate your wine selection with Cantina Ceretano

Elevate your Wine Selection with Cantina Ceretano

Attention, importers and distributors of the USA! Are you looking for an exceptional winery that produces award-winning organic wines? One that will set you apart from the competition and satisfy the most discerning wine lovers? Look no further than...
Antonio Oliveira by America Wines Paper

Discover Antonio Oliveira Wines: A Must-Have for the US Market

Wine importers and distributors, are you looking for the next big thing in the US market? Look no further than Antonio Oliveira, an exceptional winery that's making waves in Portugal's wine region. From its unique terroir to its sustainable...
Nor Areni by America_Wines_Paper

From Armenia to America: The Rise of Nor Areni Wines in the US Market

Are you a distributor or importer of fine wines in the USA? Do you want to discover a hidden gem from the land of ancient winemaking? Look no further than Nor Areni - a winery that is sure to...
Progress Country & Wine House by America Wines Paper

Progress Country & Wine House: Elevating Your Wine Selection

Looking to offer your customers something truly unique and exceptional? Look no further than Progress Country & Wine House. This innovative brand is quickly becoming a standout in the world of wine, thanks to their commitment to sustainability, exceptional...
Tre Donne Gold Award America Awards 2023

From Italy to America: The Award-Winning Wines of Tre Donne

Tre Donne wines have long been a secret treasure of Italy's Piemonte region. But now, after winning not one but 2 Gold Awards at the prestigious America Awards 2023, the secret is out. This winery, founded by three women...