In the heart of Italy’s fertile Po Valley, nestled between the provinces of Cremona and Mantua, lies a treasure trove of centuries-old vine cultivation and winemaking tradition. Cantina Caleffi, a name synonymous with quality and heritage, has recently achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Gold Medal Awards for their exceptional product, Evvea – MALVASIA DI CANDIA MACERATA, at the esteemed America Awards 2023, hosted by

Cantina Caleffi has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s when the foundational knowledge of vine cultivation and vinification was passed down through generations. This familial legacy laid the groundwork for the creation of a winery that embraces the philosophy of producing quality wines with a deep respect for the vine and the natural rhythms of the winemaking process. This commitment to traditional production methods ensures that each wine bottle carries the essence of heritage and craftsmanship.

Crafting Natural Wonders: Evvea – MALVASIA DI CANDIA MACERATA

At the center of Cantina Caleffi’s success story is their remarkable creation, Evvea – MALVASIA DI CANDIA MACERATA. This outstanding wine has been recognized with a prestigious Gold Medal at the America Awards 2023, a testament to its exceptional quality, flavor profile, and winemaking excellence. This achievement solidifies Cantina Caleffi’s position as a prominent player in the American wine and beverage market.

Cantina Caleffi’s vineyards are situated in the captivating region of Regone, a territory with marshy origins that has been nurtured into fertile clayey soil. The winery itself is located in Spineda, a picturesque village in the Po Valley. This region is not only home to exceptional wines but also serves as a gateway to various fascinating destinations.

Venturing beyond the vineyards, visitors to Cantina Caleffi’s locale are presented with a range of historical and natural marvels. Within a short distance lies Sabbioneta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the “Little Athena.” Mantua and Cremona, cities steeped in history, are respectively located 20 km and 30 km away. The proximity of these cultural gems enhances the experience for those who appreciate history, art, and architecture.

For nature enthusiasts, the Oglio Sud Natural Park offers a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty. Easily accessible through the GAL Oglio Po cycle paths originating from Spineda, the park unveils picturesque villages, rural courts, castles, and unique villas nestled within the serene embrace of nature.

Cantina Caleffi’s region also boasts a rich historical tapestry. One such gem is Villa Medici del Vascello, a juxtaposition of medieval fortress architecture and refined extra-urban noble villa elements. Nearby, Villa Mina della Scala stands with its quadrilateral structure, towers, turrets, and walls, echoing the history of the area. Casteldidone, with its roots tracing back to the 14th century, adds another layer of historical intrigue.

Cantina Caleffi stands as a beacon of tradition and excellence in the world of wines and beverages. Their recent Gold Medal win for Evvea – MALVASIA DI CANDIA MACERATA at the America Awards 2023 solidifies their place among the finest. Rooted in heritage and committed to quality, Cantina Caleffi continues to uphold the legacy of their family’s ancestral knowledge while contributing to the diverse and rich viticultural landscape of the Po Valley. To learn more about their offerings and explore their portfolio, visit their official website: Cantina Caleffi.