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America Wines Awards 2022
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Champagne Monmarthe at America Wines Paper

Champagne Monmarthe: A Vineyard Committed to Environmental Initiatives

Since 1737, the Monmarthe Family owns vineyards in the village of Ludes, located between Reims and Epernay. Everything begins in 1930 when Ernest Monmarthe decides to launch his own production and to highlight his terroir and then becomes Récoltant...
Tenuta di Sticciano at America Wines Paper

Tenuta di Sticciano: Uses Modern and Elegant Winemaking Process

The Tenuta di Sticciano is located in Tuscany, in the region of Chianti, which its landscape and soil characteristics are essential to wine quality, which is also the reason why the main Chianti vines such as Sangiovese reach very...
Château La Grave at America Wines Paper

Château La Grave: Producer of Elegant and Finesse Wines

Château La Grave is a wine estate located in the Minervois near Carcassonne and produces red, rosé, and white wines for four generations. The estate is managed by Josiane and Jean-Pierre Orosquette and also became a smallholding, maintained by...
Tenuta Canto alla Moraia at America Wines Paper

Tenuta Canto alla Moraia: A Biodynamic Farm For A Sustainable Future

Tenuta Canto alla Moraia is a family-owned farm that was started in the 1950s by two brothers Giannetto and Mario Lebole, who carried out a great agricultural plan with the help of their parents. Now, with Giannetto's moral inheritance,...
Tenute Girolamo at America Wines Paper

Tenute Girolamo: Rich and Elegant Wines From Itria Valley

Tenute Girolamo is a family-owned winery, located near the heart of the Itria Valley in Apulia Region, Italy. Its vineyards are composed of indigenous and international grapes that ripen in the unspoiled landscape of the Itria Valley. Every plant...
Nobel Chile Spa at America Wines Paper

Zagarella Cantina e Frantoio: Uses Ganimede Fermentation in Making Wines

Zagarella Cantina e Frantoio takes its origins in a strong family tradition since 1800 and started and cultivation of its lands. Since the beginning, they have set their aim in producing high-quality wines, constantly searching for a balanced and...
Pannon Tokaj Winery at America Wines Paper

Pannon Tokaj: Producer of Unique and Natural Sweet Wines

Pannon Tokaj Winery currently owns 22 hectares of vineyard, that is completely cultivated. Their main grape varieties are Yellow Muscat, Furmint, Hárslevelű, and Zéta are grown in our vineyards which are located in the most famous areas of the...
Sektkellerei J.Oppmann AG at America Wines Paper

Sektkellerei J.Oppmann AG: Producer of the Finest Sparkling Wines

Sektkellerei J.Oppmann AG has been producing sparkling wines for over 150 years. It was founded by Josef Oppmann in 1865. He acquired the art of making sparkling wine in the cellars of Champagne. He started his own business at...
Podrumi Vukoje 1982 at America Wines Paper

Podrumi Vukoje 1982: A Winery Focused On The Quality of Production

Podrumi Vukoje 1982 is now in its 4th decade manufacturing limited productions of wines and spirits. Their vineyards have two localities with a total surface of 30 hectares planted with indigenous and international grape varieties.The winery relies on modern...
Tenute Soletta at America Wines Paper

Tenute Soletta: Wines Made of Love and Respect for the Land

Tenute Soletta is owned by Umberto Soletta who has been producing wines made of love and passion for the land from an early age. He still cultivates a vineyard and an olive grove which he planted at the age...