In the heart of Neive, a picturesque Italian village nestled between the Langhe and Monferrato regions, lies a family-run winery that has been crafting exceptional wines for generations. Collina Serragrilli, a name synonymous with quality and tradition, has recently captured the spotlight on the international stage, earning two prestigious Gold Medal Awards at the America Awards 2023.

The journey of Collina Serragrilli dates back to the late 19th century when the Lequio family embarked on their viticultural endeavor. What began as a humble pursuit of cultivating grapes and producing wine has blossomed into an illustrious legacy that spans over four generations. Guided by an unwavering commitment to the land and a deep-rooted passion for winemaking, the Lequio family has meticulously carried forward their ancestral traditions while embracing modern techniques to craft wines of unparalleled excellence.

Neive, with its historical charm and captivating landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for this remarkable winemaking venture. The village, known for its ancient origins dating back to the Neolithic period, has a rich cultural heritage shaped by diverse influences over centuries. Amidst its churches, palaces, and monuments, Neive stands as a testament to the enduring passage of time and the convergence of civilizations. Yet, it is the viticultural legacy that truly defines Neive, with its vineyards producing some of the most distinguished wines in the region.

At the heart of Collina Serragrilli’s success lies their dedication to crafting wines that reflect the unique terroir of Neive. Barbaresco DOCG, Barbera d’Alba DOC, Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, and Moscato d’Asti DOCG are the prized jewels of Neive’s viticultural offerings. The ideal microclimate, coupled with the profound connection between the inhabitants and the land, has bestowed Neive with the enviable ability to produce wines of exceptional quality.

Collina Serragrilli’s winemaking process is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. The winery’s vineyards, surrounding the cellar perched atop the Serragrilli hill, yield grapes that are transformed into exquisite wines through a meticulously curated vinification process. The use of modern winemaking techniques is seamlessly integrated with time-honored practices, ensuring that the essence of the grapes is preserved and celebrated.

One of Collina Serragrilli’s most celebrated offerings is the Barbaresco DOCG “Serragrilli” 2019, a wine that recently earned a well-deserved Gold Medal Award at the America Awards 2023. This wine, a true embodiment of the Neive terroir, rests and matures in French oak Barriques and Tonneaux, allowing its flavors to develop and evolve over time. The Langhe Nebbiolo DOC “Bailè” 2020, another recipient of the Gold Medal Award, further showcases Collina Serragrilli’s mastery in crafting wines that captivate the senses.

Central to Collina Serragrilli’s winemaking philosophy is the “barrique cellar,” an underground sanctuary where the art of refinement reaches its zenith. This subterranean haven pays homage to the winemaking practices of yesteryears, meticulously preserving the delicate balance between wood and wine. The Barriques, carefully aged and nurtured, contribute to the exceptional character and complexity that define Collina Serragrilli wines.

In the heart of Neive, Collina Serragrilli stands as a testament to the harmonious union of tradition, passion, and innovation. The Lequio family’s unwavering commitment to their craft has not only earned them international acclaim but has also enriched the viticultural tapestry of Neive. As enthusiasts and connoisseurs continue to indulge in the sensory delights offered by Collina Serragrilli wines, they partake in a journey that celebrates the rich heritage of a small Piedmontese winery with an extraordinary legacy.

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