In the heart of the picturesque Partenio Regional Park, where rolling vineyards and lush landscapes converge, lies a haven of wine-making mastery and passion – the Tenuta Vitagliano. This esteemed estate, deeply rooted in tradition and guided by a commitment to innovation, has recently marked a remarkable achievement in the competitive American spirits and beverage market.

Tenuta Vitagliano, renowned for its dedication to crafting exceptional wines that embody the essence of the land, has captured the spotlight at the prestigious America Awards 2023. Amidst fierce competition, the estate’s unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship shone through as their signature products secured not just one, but two Gold Medal Awards.

The coveted Gold Medal Awards were conferred upon Tenuta Vitagliano for their outstanding creations – the Tenuta Vitagliano – Caudio – Sciascinoso Irpinia DOP and the Tenuta Vitagliano – Frojo – Falanghina Irpinia DOP. These remarkable wines have captured the discerning palates of the judges, affirming their excellence and undeniable allure.

Situated in the enchanting surroundings of San Martino Valle Caudina, Avellino, Tenuta Vitagliano has the privilege of calling the land its own. The estate’s history intertwines with that of the Casata Vitagliano, a family deeply connected to the cultivation of the vines and the culture of wine for generations. It is within this hallowed ground that carefully selected grapes from meticulously tended vineyards give birth to wines that encapsulate the very essence of the region.

The Vitagliano family’s dedication to the art of winemaking, combined with a relentless pursuit of quality and a steadfast respect for tradition, imbues every bottle of Tenuta Vitagliano wine with a distinct character. This dedication to both innovation and timeless values transforms their wines into veritable works of art that resonate with aficionados and connoisseurs alike.

For those seeking a deeper connection to the legacy of Tenuta Vitagliano, their website,, serves as a portal to their world. A digital doorway to the estate’s heart and soul, it offers a glimpse into the meticulous processes, storied history, and the unwavering commitment that defines their journey.

In an era where excellence and distinction set the standard for success, Tenuta Vitagliano has risen above as a beacon of uncompromising quality. The Gold Medal Awards earned at the America Awards 2023 are not just laurels of accomplishment, but a testament to the Vitagliano family’s dedication to their craft and their heritage. As the estate continues to craft wines that transcend time and captivate palates, Tenuta Vitagliano remains a hallmark of excellence in the American spirits and beverage market – a true embodiment of the artistry and passion that defines exceptional winemaking.