Sleever International is a packaging company in France, with 35 years of experience. The company makes shrink sleeve a major packaging process on mass distribution markets and on selective segments. It offers various labelling solutions, such as three-dimensional products of decoration, information, protection, and promotion.

The company continues to raise the sleeve concept – thermo-shrink plastic label – to the rank of major technology and has constantly nurtured this technology through a spectrum of expertise from chemicals and engineering to transformation and service. As a result of the sleeve now represents a solution which has convinced the most demanding pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare brands.

Sleever International has recently joined America Awards 2020 and 2 of their products were awarded Gold Medals by America Wines Paper.

Chandon USA – Harvested Under The Stars
Chandon Australia – Limited Edition Seafolly

Sleever Technologies for films, Sleever-Studio for prepress work, Sleever-Labels for label converting, Sleever Machines for shrinking, Promosleeve which manages promotional operations and Decosleeve and Sleevpac entrusted respectively with a contract decorating and packing solutions. All represent the varied facets of the expertise they offer their customers, backed up by a steadfast commitment to results: Sleever charter. Keeping their word is more than a company value, it the foundation of their philosophy: establish long-standing relationships with their customers, suppliers and employees.

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