MBG International Premium Brands has began its international success in Germany. A composite wholesale supplier that offers the trade a strong portfolio that benefits all of its customers and distribution partners. Developing their knowledge and experience of every category has made them a formidable leader in the consumer market. They have built and developed a large and exceptional talented sales, marketing, and distribution team that covers the whole of the beverage trade from off-trade retailers to gastronomy and professional catering outlets.

MAHIKI Coconut at America Wines Paper
MAHIKI Coconut Liqueur has received a Gold medal in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by America Wines Paper.

Just recently, they have joined their MAHIKI Coconut Liqueur in America Wines Awards 2020 and was awarded a Gold medal by America Wines Paper.

Winning the America Awards shows that MAHIKI Coconut Liqueur has met the taste of the American market. The liqueur is handcrafted with Jamaican and Polynesian rum and Samoan coconut blend. It is unmistakably pink, because the milk of fresh coconuts turns rose naturally as the fruit ripens, resulting in this unique effect. MAHIKI is ideal for mixing with other spirits, liqueurs, fruit juices, and fizzy drinks.

MBG International Premium Brands has been managing and experiencing rapid growth and continue to successfully open new international markets worldwide.

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