Miranille is a combination of Mirabelle De Lorraine and Vanilla from Madagascar. A pleasant aperitif and synonymous with a convivial evening. An excellent digestive with subtle scents. Mirabelle plum has the taste of the fruit, the warmth and delicacy of the spices. Both vanilla and mirabelle plum are known for their appetizing properties, which stimulates appetite and aid digestion. The tastes of Mirabelle and Vanilla mix, succeed each other and leave you with a very pleasant palate.

Miranille produces unique fragrances to their liqueur is based on brandy distilled over a wood fire increases its aromas tenfold because of the slow constant heating. The choice of fruit harvested in their Vosges orchards. Using of 10 Vanilla pods to produce a 70 cl bottle gives Miranille its unique scents. A digestif, a blend of terroirs to surprise the taste buds encourage dreams and travel, arouse a feeling of escape and exoticism. It also enhances the flavours of your pastries and other culinary recipes.

Today, the Miranille is a new opportunity to promote the Lorraine region and the know-how of creative and inventive French artisans. And by joining an international competition like America Wines Awards 2020 will definitely help the company promote its brand and products.

Miranille has recently received a Gold and a Silver award for their products awarded by America Wines Paper.

Reine Mirabelle Sloe Plum Gin, Mirabelle Gin liqueur at America Wines Paper
Reine Mirabelle Sloe Plum Gin, Mirabelle Gin Liqueur has received a Gold award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by America Wines Paper.

A Gin liqueur obtained by maceration of mirabelle plums…
The goal is to break the bitterness of the Gin, but keep the floral side of it.
To drink as a long drink with ice cubes as an aperitif, and at the end of the meal, very fresh like a limoncello.

Miranito at America Wines Paper
Miranito has received a Silver award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by America Wines Paper.

A design liqueur, but a real cocktail of sensations when tasting.

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