The Stella Artois brand has made a casting of choice to promote its beer. The unlikely encounter between Carrie Bradshaw and the Dude is simply hilarious.

On the occasion of the Super Bowl that will take place in February 2019, some brands snapped a few minutes to promote their product. This is the case of the Stella Artois brand, which has managed to bring together two mythical characters from the cinema to promote its beer.

“Change your habits”

The concept of advertising is very simple. Carrie Bradshaw – character of Sex and the City – enters a restaurant and orders a Stella Artois instead of her traditional Cosmopolitan, causing general astonishment. Then enters the Dude – character of The Big Lebowski – who also abandons his faithful White Russian for a Stella Artois. The two protagonists then toast together saying “It’s good to change sometimes!”

At the Super Bowl, brands are full of creativity and means to highlight their product. Recall that the final of the football championship is the most watched event in the US. A few minutes of commercials cost a fortune, but they will be watched by millions of people.

To discover what this year’s Superbowl has in store for us, see you on February 3rd.