In 2018, the trend of restaurants and hotels in the USA is to favor more qualitative wines than before.

Indeed, consumers ask for organic or high quality wines, and the menu of alcoholic beverages is increasingly important in the choice of customers.

There are many examples: from Michelin-starred and gourmet restaurants to French, Italian and other national restaurants, the demand for more expensive and more qualitative wines is omnipresent.

From New York to Los Angeles, via Miami or Las Vegas, the champagnes requested are more and more blanc de blancs, blanc de noirs, brut champagnes vintage or not dosed.

Italian wines are very popular: the Queen appellations such as Chianti or Prossecco are very popular, but also new appellations such as Amarone, Franciacorta, Piemonte wines, Nebbiolo or Vermentino, for example, are gradually being introduced on the menu of restaurants all over the country.

Wines from Spain, Portugal, Austria and Germany get a higher demand too from HORECA industry in United States of America.

Organic wines are also sought after, as consumers are turning more and more to healthy products in the US.

The most complicated thing for restaurateurs is to have access to new wines. Indeed, their importers generally have a limited choice. Our newspaper is a very good tool for American restaurants and hotels who want to discover new wines to add to their menu.
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