Champagne Bourcier is located in Couvrot, France. A family-owned business and was established in 1968 by their grandfather Léon Bourcier, that is why their vintages are called Cuvee Leon.

They have continued the work of the vineyard and in 2012, they decided to create Le Pressoir De Gravelines, 5 winegrower partners (family and friends) to press the grapes on their estate. The grape juice is sent to traders and cooperatives who take care of fermentation until disgorgement. The bottles are wrapped by them. Each step is controlled and carried out with the greatest respect for the Champagne tradition, combining great ancestral mastery and new technologies. It is especially during the blending period that the spirit of champagne houses is really expressed.

They have recently joined America Wines Awards 2020 and won awards for their champagnes.

CUVEE LEON MILLESIME 2010 at America Wines Paper
CUVEE LEON MILLESIME 2010 has won a Gold Award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by
CUVEE BLANC DE BLANCS at America Wines Paper
CUVEE BLANC DE BLANCS has won a Silver Award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by

Today, they are developing bottle customizations by offering wire caps painted by hand or digitally, as wee as labels and caps to customers’ tastes. Several times a year, they receive school groups, colleagues, friends who wish to see how they work and learn more about and champagne and end the visit with a tasting of their vintages.

Their passions remain above all the work of the vine and the wine and the respect of their traditions.

They offer a different variety of Champagnes, visit their website to check: