Sektmanufaktur Albert Hasenstein is a young, family-run sparkling wine factory from Bavaria, Germany. The company stands for traditional sparkling wine production with modern influences. Their sparkling wines are produced exclusively according to the traditional method of classical bottle fermentation. Through professional competence, modern cellar technology and the application of time-honoured craftsmanship, they produce unique top sparkling wines of the highest quality and beyond any standards. In their inspiration to ennoble excellent wines to the finest sparkling wines, they feel committed to the highest quality standards.

They just recently joined in America Awards 2020 and was awarded by for their wines:

Toppler-Cuvee Gold at America Wines Paper

Toppler-Cuvee Gold has received a Gold award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by

Sparkling Hanf at America Wines Paper

Sparkling Hanf has received a Silver award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by

Sektamanufaktur Albert Hasenstein leaves the standard behind and combines with qualitative demands of the champagne method with innovative new trends and pioneering spirit. They thus create handcrafted, high-quality products with a unique selling proposition.

The company is currently not exporting to the USA. As a small, exclusive manufactory, they are very interested in cooperation with regional distributors. They mainly sell their products on the national market and to customers in Austria and Italy. With the right partner, they would be very happy to expand their export activities to the American market.

If you want to see more of their products, you can visit their website at