Boasting a remarkable collection of wines that have captivated the most discerning palates, Tenuta Pribus has earned international recognition for its dedication to quality, traditional methods, and the unique characteristics of the Friuli region. Notably, their products have received three Gold Medal Awards and a Silver Medal Award in the prestigious America Awards 2023. Let’s delve into the story of this exceptional estate and the exquisite wines that make it a true gem in the industry.

Nestled within a vast seventeenth-century estate in the heart of a picturesque village, Tenuta Pribus embraces a rich history that adds a touch of allure to its wines. The architectural beauty of the estate and its surrounding landscapes provide a fitting backdrop for the winemaking process that has been perfected over the centuries.

The wines of Tenuta Pribus owe their distinct personality to the exceptional characteristics of the Friuli region. Located in Northeastern Italy, Friuli benefits from a diverse climate, favorable soil conditions, and a unique microclimate. This combination of factors allows the cultivation of vines that produce grapes with intense and persistent aromas, setting the foundation for exceptional wines.

Hand-Picking and Selective Aging: At Tenuta Pribus, winemaking is a labor of love and precision. Each grape is hand-picked during harvest time, ensuring only the finest fruits make their way into the winery. The process includes a meticulous selection of grapes, guaranteeing that only the best are used for crafting their wines. Furthermore, an accurate aging process in barrique barrels imparts complexity and refinement to their wines, making them truly exceptional.

The Acclaimed Medal-Winning Wines: Tenuta Pribus has gained international acclaim with their diverse selection of wines, earning prestigious awards in the America Awards 2023. Notably, three of their products secured the Gold Medal Awards for their outstanding quality:

  1. Pribus Pinot Grigio, DOC Friuli, 2021, 14% alc by vol: A vibrant and refreshing white wine that showcases the true essence of the Friuli terroir.
  2. Pribus Friulano, DOC Friuli, 2021, 14% alc by vol: This white wine exudes elegance and complexity, offering a delightful experience for the palate.
  3. Pribus Cabernet, DOC Friuli, 2017, 13.5% alc by vol: A bold and rich red wine that embodies the spirit of the estate and the Friuli region.

Additionally, their Pribus Refosco Dal Peduncolo Rosso, DOC Friuli, 2019, 13% alc by vol secured the Silver Medal Award, adding another accolade to their impressive collection.

Tenuta Pribus’ dedication to producing exceptional wines is evident in every bottle they create. Their exclusive selection of vines and meticulous winemaking process ensure that each product reflects the essence of the Friuli terroir and the estate’s heritage.

Tenuta Pribus has rightfully earned its place as a distinguished name in the America Spirits and Alcoholic Beverage Market. Their award-winning wines, rooted in the unique terroir of Friuli and crafted with unwavering dedication, have garnered praise from both experts and wine enthusiasts alike. With each bottle, Tenuta Pribus offers an extraordinary journey of flavors, making them a captivating choice for connoisseurs seeking the most refined and exquisite wines. To learn more about their remarkable wines and the storied estate, visit their website at