In the year 2000, a group of childhood friends with an unyielding passion for their region’s culture and traditions embarked on a remarkable journey. Nestled in the breathtaking mountains of Liebana council, surrounded by the majestic Picos de Europa, they set out to revive the ancient winemaking tradition that had faded away over time. This group of “crazy” friends decided to take matters into their own hands and planted their vineyards to explore the untapped potential of this mountainous area.

As time passed, their dedication to the land and its heritage grew stronger. In the pursuit of their dreams, they founded the esteemed Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L., under the renowned trademark Picos de Cabariezo. This pioneering winery and distillery, nestled in the heart of Cantabria, became an instrumental force in the growth and revitalization of mountain vines, benefitting from a unique microclimate and terroir that lent a distinct personality to their wines.

Preserving the rich heritage of the region became a paramount goal for Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L. Their distillery embraced the essence of craftsmanship, employing time-honored techniques to produce exceptional quality spirits. The marcs, a testament to their commitment to authenticity, became an integral part of their distillation process, ensuring that each product was imbued with extraordinary quality.

The relentless efforts and dedication of the company, combined with their unwavering commitment to excellence, garnered praise and accolades. Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L. was honored with the prestigious National Prize Fecoes in 2017, recognizing them as the best winery-distillery artisan. This acknowledgment was a testament to the family environment that nurtured the company’s success and the remarkable quality of their products.

The pursuit of perfection did not go unnoticed. In 2023, Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L. achieved a remarkable feat by winning not one but 2 Gold Medal Awards at the esteemed America Awards 2023. Their products “GIN AS DE PICOS” and “GIN AS DE PICOS TROPICAL” stood out amongst numerous competitors, solidifying the company’s position as a prominent player in the American alcoholic beverage market.

From the very beginning, Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L. also embarked on an exciting enotourism venture. Offering guided visits to their winery and distillery, they welcomed visitors to taste and experience the fruits of their labor amidst the picturesque landscape of the Picos de Europa. This initiative not only provided an unforgettable alternative for tourists but also contributed to the appreciation and preservation of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

As Compañía Lebaniega De Vinos Y Licores S.L. continues to carve its path in the world of alcoholic beverages, their story remains a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a profound love for tradition. From the quaint mountains of Cantabria to the glimmering lights of the America Awards stage, their success story is an inspiration to all, proving that dreams, when nurtured with love and hard work, can become a reality. To learn more about their remarkable journey and explore their exquisite products, visit their website at