The company started in 1959 as a cooperative winery but in 2013, a great process of transformation from a cooperative winery to a Winery SRL, and made the Vignaioli Pugliesi today. It has a modern production plant and a new more efficient and stable structure compared to before. From the old grape collection center, born a modern glass structure used as a gourmet restaurant, and on the lower floor – the ancient wine tanks – the wines rest in wooden barrels.

Vignaioli Pugliesi focused its attention on Nero di Troia wine because accurate historical research shows that this grape variety has been born exactly in Cinque Reali Siti territory, in Orta Nova, where the winery is located. The technical team has implemented agronomic and oenological practices to enhance the peculiarities of this grape variety and decided to apply specific rules about the choice of plots of land, in organic agriculture, and that must respect exact morphological features, using a sustainable and innovative production chain.

The company has recently joined America Awards 2022 and has received 2 Gold Awards and a Silver Award for their Nero di Troia and Primitivo wines, awarded by


Matura at America Wines PaperMatura, Organic wine Nero di Troia 2021

Matura is an organic Nero di Troia wine produced with care and patience. At the end of June, they select the best grape bunches directly on stock so the plant can have a maximum of 2,5 kilograms of product. In the first week of October, they cut the stock so that the grapes fade on the plant to reach an alcoholic natural grade. After the grape harvest, Nero di Troia rested for 12 months in oak barrels.

Versure 105 at America Wines PaperCinque Reali siti, Versure 105, Nero di Troia 2019

Versure 105, Nero di Troia, alcohol 13,50% vol. with floral fragrance with red fruits and flavour, full, soft, harmonic, and refined.


Versure 93 at America Wines PaperCinque Reali siti, Versure 93, Primitivo 2018

Versure 93, Primitivo, alcohol 14% vol. with deep ruby red with garnet tinge and a deep and enveloping smell with hints of blackberry and black cherry.

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