Since 1737, the Monmarthe Family owns vineyards in the village of Ludes, located between Reims and Epernay. Everything begins in 1930 when Ernest Monmarthe decides to launch his own production and to highlight his terroir and then becomes Récoltant Manipulant. Under the impetus of the 2 following generations, Leon and Guy Monmarthe, Champagne Monmarthe keeps growing and enlarging.

In 1990, Jean-Guy Monmarthe arrives in the familial company to support his father. This marks the creation of new wines and the beginning of the export market. Now, Champagne Monmarthe is run by Jean-Guy Monmarthe, the 6th generation who is Vigneron Independent. Champagne Monmarthe is committed to environmental initiatives, the vineyard is certified High Environmental Value and sustainable viticulture in Champagne.

The winery has recently joined America Wine Awards 2021 and has received a Gold Award for their Secret de Famille – NV, awarded by

Secret de Famille NV at America Wine Awards 2021

Secret de Famille – NV

This blend was created in 1930 by Ernest Monmarthe. This cuvée is a marriage of the 3 grape varieties of Champagne: Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

A great moment of sharing. This Champagne will enchant you for its aromas of white peach and hawthorn – a round, pleasant, lively palate. Taste for desire, for pleasure, without waiting for a good occasion, this cuvée brings balm to your heart. Ideal for conviviality, to share during an aperitif, a dinner, and/or with a dessert

The winery has been exporting its Champagne for over 20 years. They are currently exporting to Italy, Japan, Denmark, New Zealand, and Canada. For the years to come, they are looking forward to exporting to the USA.

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