Quinta de Paços Sociedade Agrícola, Lda. is a family-based company that make use to its agricultural heritage aiming to produce high-quality wines with a distinctive personality, resulting from a special emphasis on their natural and authentic character. Quintos de Paços has remained a property of the same family for more than 500 years and 16 generations, maintaining a tradition of expertise on winemaking in the region of Minho lasting for more than 5 centuries.

The company’s mission is to incorporate the local culture and wine tradition in a bottle of wine offering authentic wines and a distinct and reliable personality at a superior value. Since the company was refounded in the early ’90s, they have already introduced 12 types of wines, some of them are true innovations in the region.

Quinta de Paços has recently joined America Wines Awards 2020 and has received a Gold award for their CASA DO CAPITÃO – MOR 2018, awarded by America Wines Paper.

CASA DO CAPITÃO - MOR 2018 at America Wines Awards 2020

An interview with Paulo Ramos, owner and CEO of Quinta de Paços Sociedade Agrícola, Lda.

Paulo Ramos at America Wines Paper

Do you already export to America? If yes, where? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in America?
Yes, to NY and CA, and expanding soon to Oregon.

What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors?
We focus on differentiation we do a blend of traditional techniques with a maverick attitude. But we also so classic products and directed to a specific market and we cover different customer segments. We like to innovate but being always more market than product oriented.

When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?
To expand our market and to keep pushing the boundaries of our winemaking expertise.

To order wines, visit their website at http://quintapacos.com/