The Barbadoro winery has been around for three generations which were started by Don Michele in the early 1900s when he cultivated the land and devoting most of its land in making wine. So the vine has been cultivated on its land for centuries.

Now, Barbadoro has been doing the agricultural practice called “bush-trained vines” or “goblet vines”, a system traditionally used in climatic zones where the presence of water is not favorable. This allows extrapolating a valuable fruit, even if with lower quantities but much higher quality. And the rest of the land is cultivated using the espalier system.

They also cultivate in compliance with the rules of organic without using synthetic chemical fertilizer and pesticides as their goal is to offer quality products without preservatives and made with raw materials grown with the right respect for their land.

In 2015, they started to export to Vietnam. They are also planning to export in the USA and started joining wine competitions like America Wines Awards 2020. Their product Don Michelangelo 2017 was awarded Gold by America Wines Paper.

Don Michelangelo 2017 at America Wines Paper

Barbadoro winery has always believed in the inseparable link between wine and territory, which means enhancing and creating synergies between man and his land.

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