The Domaine BASSAC cultivates the family estate as it has done with the same passion for several generations. The Bassac vineyards cover some 80 hectares (200 acres) consisting of a wide variety of soil types around Puisalicon and the neighbouring village of Thézan-les-Béziers. The varied and original mix of vines at Bassac takes into account the specific nature of the individual terroirs -resulting from a combination of climate, soil and geographical situation.

Because of their commitment to producing authentic wines that reflect their terroir and because they work with a respect for nature and for the subtle balance that alone enables the vine to grow in secret harmony with its soil, they have chosen to cultivate their vineyards organically. Their cellars, situated in the heart of Puisalicon itself, are housed in a traditional building that down the generations has been enlarged and continues to be adapted.

They have joined America Wines Awards 2019 and one of their wines won a Gold award.

Icône Rosé – 2018
Icône Rosé - 2018 at America Wines PaperThroughout the year the wines are treated with the utmost care. Blended, racked and clarified, they are then bottled on the estate using their own equipment. When the wines from Domaine Bassac fully achieve that special balance which is the true expression of the terroir, the vines and of the men and women involved, then that is when they are happy – happy to have you taste their wines, happy to have you share their passion.