La Principessa 2018, A Tuscan Rosé Wine with German Soul

WHWinery America Wines PaperEnchanted by Italy and Tuscany, Werner and his wife enjoyed the sunset over a splendid Tuscan drop. They leased a small vineyard, their angel wing, from a winemaker and with his help and support, plunged them into the adventure of winemaking.

Werner Hahn, a German from the city of Hamburg, realized his dream at the end of his professional career and began to produce wine in Italy, he imagined wine-making to be more laborious, but it doesn’t matter because he loves what he’s doing.¬†According to him, “When I am in the vineyard, I discover the meditative aspect of wine. The effort is there, but I can’t feel it. I relax by taking of my wine.”

WHWinery America Wines PaperHe produces his wines according to his taste, but it is beautiful if they are appreciated by the others. It gives him satisfaction to read the joy in the eyes of those who drink it. As it happened again and again at the 2018 Wine Festival in Greve in Chianti.

The new La Principessa 2018 has just hit the market and immediately won the Gold America Awards 2019 by An elegant and unique wine that deserves its name. She is in no way inferior to her famous predecessor.

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