SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., a prominent distributor and importer in the Spirits and Beverage Market, has been making waves with their exceptional products. Their recent achievements include winning 2 Gold Medal Awards for their products IL Gin – Luxury Italian Distilled – Italiko and LAmaro Caffé & Menta – Italiko at the America Awards 2023, hosted by America Wines Paper. With a commitment to creating unique and superior Italian products, both in quality and packaging, SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Born out of a challenging economic period, the project ITALIKO DRINK – THE ITALIAN DISTILLATE aims to offer exceptional Italian products with unparalleled quality and packaging. The meticulously crafted glass bottles feature a never-before-seen ‘glitter effect stars glitter glow’ painting, creating a unique, luxurious, glamorous, and design-driven appeal. Each bottle is individually handcrafted in numbered series, ensuring that no two bottles are alike.

SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. offers a range of exquisite spirits under ITALIKO DRINK. Let’s take a closer look at their standout offerings.

IL Gin – Luxury Italian Distilled – Italiko: IL Gin is meticulously prepared through the separate infusion of 22 botanicals, including spices, citrus, and berries. The infusion process, carried out individually for each botanical, can last from 48 to 480 hours, resulting in a surprisingly unique and elegant aroma. The gin’s velvety softness and sweet Mediterranean notes perfectly balance delicate juniper flavors with hints of citrus, vanilla, ripe fruit, and muscat grapes. It’s a harmonious and balanced gin with a touch of pink pepper, fresh coriander, rosemary, and basil, making it a truly exceptional and aromatic experience.

VODKA: SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L.’s Vodka is produced through two separate distillations, utilizing high-quality raw materials. The first distillation comes from a fermented must of national cereals, while the second is obtained from musts fermented from strictly territorial grapes. The result is a crystal-clear vodka with floral and fruity nuances, subtle tones of apricot, peach, and delicate hints of white acacia flowers and elder flowers. Harmony, purity, and delicacy define this exquisite vodka.

LAmaro Coffee and Mint: LAmaro Coffee and Mint is a unique bitter liqueur that showcases SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L.’s dedication to innovative creations. The elixir is the result of meticulous research and complex processes, with coffee and mint as the key components. The combination of two different types of coffee with distinct toasts and the use of the “dwarf of the desert” mint variety result in a powerful and intense aroma. The roasted coffee aroma harmoniously blends with the refreshing scent of mint, creating an elegant, refined, and luxurious bitter liqueur.

SESTOSENSO INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. has established itself as a leading distributor and importer in the Spirits and Beverage Market, driven by a passion for crafting unique and superior Italian distillates. With their award-winning products IL Gin – Luxury Italian Distilled – Italiko and LAmaro Caffé & Menta – Italiko, they continue to captivate the market with their unparalleled quality and innovative packaging. To experience the world of ITALIKO DRINK and indulge in their exceptional collection, visit their website at and embark on a journey of taste, elegance, and sophistication.