Orion Wines SRL, a renowned winery founded in 2010, has emerged as a leading player in the American wines and beverage market. Combining the expertise of Alessandro Michelon, an innovative winemaker, and Elena Ciurletti, an experienced sales and marketing professional, Orion Wines has successfully introduced intriguing, innovative, and delicious Italian wines to international consumers. Their commitment to producing exceptional wines at fair prices has garnered recognition, including 2 prestigious Gold Medal Awards for their products in the America Awards 2023.

Orion Wines SRL recently achieved a remarkable feat by winning 2 Gold Medal Awards at the America Awards 2023, organized by Americawinespaper.com. Their products, “The Wanted ‘ZIN’ Zinfandel Puglia IGP – Vintage 2021” and “The Wanted ‘CAB’ Cabernet Sauvignon Vino Rosso Italiano – Vintage 2021,” were honored with these prestigious accolades. This recognition highlights the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Orion Wines brings to the American market.

Orion Wines is the brainchild of Alessandro Michelon and Elena Ciurletti, who together have created a winning synergy and propelled the brand to success. Alessandro, one of Italy’s most innovative and experienced winemakers, possesses an in-depth understanding of the various regions of Italy. He spearheads Orion Wines’ winemaking process, transforming high-quality grapes into delicious and consumer-friendly wines. Alessandro, along with his skilled winemaking team, travels throughout Italy to oversee every aspect of the winemaking process, ensuring excellence “from vines to wines.”

Elena Ciurletti brings over 15 years of wine trade experience and profound knowledge of the English and German markets to Orion Wines. She is responsible for the brand’s sales and marketing initiatives in the Asian markets, contributing to its global growth. Elena’s expertise and strategic approach have played a pivotal role in expanding Orion Wines’ presence in the international arena.

At Orion Wines, the philosophy is simple yet profound: produce the best and most interesting wines possible at fair prices. This commitment necessitates complete control over every step of the winemaking process, from vineyards to vinification, packaging, and marketing. Orion Wines has forged strong commercial relationships with a select number of growers and wineries in different regions of Italy, enabling them to maintain quality and typicity while meeting the evolving demands of international wine enthusiasts.

By working closely with their partners and winemakers, Orion Wines ensures that each wine represents the essence and typicity of its specific region. Traditional winemaking practices are combined with innovation and a genuine passion for wines, resulting in wines that captivate the palate of discerning consumers.

Orion Wines SRL has established itself as a prominent player in the American wines and beverage market, driven by the expertise and passion of Alessandro Michelon and Elena Ciurletti. Their recent recognition at the America Awards 2023 with two Gold Medal Awards further solidifies their commitment to producing exceptional Italian wines. Through their dedication to quality, innovation, and fair pricing, Orion Wines continues to delight wine lovers, bringing the essence of Italy’s diverse regions to the international stage.

For more information about Orion Wines SRL, their award-winning products, and their portfolio of wines, please visit their website: www.orion-wines.com.