Dacastello Vini Pregiati, an Italian wine company, has won 8 gold medal awards and 2 silver medal awards in America Awards 2023 for their products. The gold medal-winning products include Prosecco Treviso d.o.c Millesimato Extra Dry, Le Clivie, Amarone della Valpolicella d.o.c.g. Le Clivie, Chianti Classico d.o.c.g. Piccarda Donati 2021, Rosso Toscana i.g.t. Piccarda Donati, Nebbiolo d’Alba 2018, Merlot Torgelem Sudtirol Alto Adige, Moscato d’Asti Ogia, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOP 2021 and the silver medal-winning products include Pinot Grigio Alto Adige d.o.c., Le Clivie, 2022, Sauvignon Friuli d.o.c. Dacastello. Dacastello Vini Pregiati offers over 100 types of wine deeply rooted in the Italian territory, and their selection brings together an assortment of wines that represent the local character, the Italian enological value, and accessibility to a varied public.

Dacastello Vini Pregiati is an important meeting point between the native Italian wine realities and the national and international market through the conception of different collections, distribution, and large-scale marketing. With over twenty years of experience, the company believes in innovation and raising the quality of its products. The company’s distribution network covers the entire national territory, Europe, the United States, Central America, and North Africa, with three ranges of different wines capable of satisfying the most varied public.

Dacastello Vini Pregiati’s work is attentive to respect for the territory and tradition, and the company’s close collaboration with the local producers most suited to viticulture enhances the supply chain in terms of quality, economic, environmental, and social sustainability. The company becomes an ambassador of the Italian wine tradition and in the world, enhancing the extraordinary wine heritage of Italy. The company’s knowledge of the different international markets allows them to anticipate and satisfy the needs of their commercial partners in a dynamic and global way.

Dacastello Vini Pregiati is the reference company for the export of authentically Italian wine in the world. The company offers the creation of customized brands, and through an in-house team, the company provides a full range of marketing services to customers, including graphic design, communication, events, and digital marketing. Dacastello Vini Pregiati is a responsible and joyful consumption of Italian wine in line with the Italian style, and the company’s future goal is to allow the greatest number of people in the world to discover the regional excellence of Italian enology.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dacastello Vini Pregiati and their award-winning wines, you can visit their website at https://www.dacastellovini.com/. There, you can browse their extensive selection of over 100 types of wines deeply rooted in the Italian territory and learn more about their commitment to promoting Italian wine variety and excellence.