Are you a whisky enthusiast on the lookout for a unique flavor profile? Or are you
looking for a whisky brand that will stand out in the market? Look no further than
Molly Malone Irish Whiskey! But what makes this brand so special, and why should
distributors and importers take notice? Read on to find out:

The Molly Malone Whiskey is a company owned and managed by a family proud of a rich heritage dating back to the late 17th century trading in wines and spirits and one of the founding independents of the whisky industry.

Molly Malone is the mighty and iconic name of Ireland. During the Dublin Millenium
celebrations in 1988 Molly Malone was given her own National Day (June 13 th ) and way
back in 2011 a leading internet search engine was reporting more than a million hits
per annum on the name. Molly Malone and the lullaby ‘Cockles and Mussels’ is sung by supporters of the Irish National Rugby Team and more. Like the national Irish rugby
team, she is a uniting celebration of the Irish and remains core to the identity of Ireland.

Molly Malone Small Batch is the launch sku. Distilled according to Irish tradition and handcrafted in small batches, only single malt and grains from Ireland’s greatest distilleries are married together. To enhance the flavour of the whiskey, without overpowering the light character of the malt, second fill bourbon casks are used from Quercus Alba – the highest grade American white oak (bourbon having already absorbed the coconut and vanilla tannins of the new wood). This beautiful whiskey, light on the palate and deliciously sweet – just like Molly Malone – is a fabulous representation of the traditional style of triple distilled Irish Whiskey. The clear bottle was chosen to show the delicate cues of the whiskey. Presented with cork and capsule. Face label portrays the blue colour of Dublin and back label is headed by words on the fabled tombstone of Molly Malone “TO SEE HER WAS TO LOVE HER”.

Following a Gold Award at the Irish Whiskey Masters 2022, the brand has quickly
followed up with a Gold Award in the America Awards 2023. Testament to its
exceptional quality and popularity, distributors and importers should act quickly to get their hands on this exciting brand.

If you’re a distributor/retailer looking for a whisky brand that will set your business apart, look no further than Molly Malone Irish Whiskey. The US importer is Shand Import LLC based in Monrovia, CA. You can visit Shand at
You can visit Molly Malone at Both companies will
be exhibiting on the Shand Import suite at the WSWA, Orlando FL – 2-5 April 2023.
Molly Malone Small Batch – The whiskey to celebrate the history, culture and rich
taste of Ireland.