Quinta Monteiro de Matos is a family-owned winery located in the Tejo Region of Portugal. The estate has a relaxing and calm ambiance because of the unique sights of the vineyards where people can enjoy the environment.

The combined knowledge of 3 generations, the unique terroir, and the climate of the area make them produce top quality wines, especially red wines. The culture, technique, and mystery that surrounds their wines, makes them one of the most interesting drink in the world.

Just this year, Quinta Monteiro de Matos received Gold Awards for both of their wines Terras de Paul and Reserva do Paul Selection in America Wine Awards 2022, awarded by America Wines Paper.

Terras de Paul 2021 at America Wines PaperTerras de Paul 2021

The color shades of garnet, join a fine flavor, with a good concentration of fruit and tannin well structured, with an after-taste short but intense.

Reserva do Paul Selection 2019 at America Wines PaperReserva do Paul Selection 2019

Red intense color, complex aroma of black fruit. Tannins are well structured with a long and persistent finish.

The company started to export in 1984 to some European countries where the Portuguese community was stronger. As the years passed, they expanded their market to other countries and are now exporting to more than 15 countries.

Currently, they are also exporting their wines to some states of the US but looking forward to extending their market to other states by joining the award because of its connections to thousands of distributors and importers in the US. They would also like to introduce their label “Reserva do Paul” to the US market.

If you want to see more of their products, you may visit their website at https://quintamonteiromatos.com/