Tenuta Canto alla Moraia is a family-owned farm that was started in the 1950s by two brothers Giannetto and Mario Lebole, who carried out a great agricultural plan with the help of their parents. Now, with Giannetto’s moral inheritance, it is managed by their children and grandchildren. Silvia and Rodolfo’s commitment is to protect their land with love, preserving it in its integrity.

Tenuta Canto alla Moraia is a charming place that observes organic and biodynamic principles starting from 2008, in perfect harmony with their ancient and magnificent villa resort and winery. They strive every day to protect biodiversity and enhance the agro-ecological balance and practice low-impact agricultural techniques based on historic principles such as green manure to encourage root symbiosis and cultivation techniques that enhance the characteristics of each individual vine.

Not only they have eliminated artificial substances, but to maintain soil with its humus and the good health of the plants, they use the manure produced by their cows and geese to clean the soil. To plow and carry out treatments, which are based exclusively on natural substances, they get help from their horses to minimize the use of tractors. Their biodynamic organic garden gives them healthy and delicious vegetables.

Just this year, Tenuta Canto alla Moraia has joined America Wine Awards 2021 and received 2 Gold Awards and a Silver Award, awarded by AmericaWinesPaper.com. Below is the list of products that have received awards:


Giannetto 2015 at America Wine Awards 2021Giannetto 2015

Bacco Felice 2018 at America Wine Awards 2021Bacco Felice 2018


Moraia 2016 at America Wine Awards 2021
Moraia 2016

According to Mr. Rolfo Banci, the owner of Tenuta Canto alla Moraia, they have started exporting their products in 2011-2012. They are currently exporting in Florida, Washington, California, and New Jersey, Canada, Russia. They are also looking forward to getting in contact with importers that are focused on Biodynamic or Organic wines and not for bulk production in Texas, in New York, and the Asian markets.

To see more of their products, you may visit their website at: https://www.tenutacantoallamoraia.com/