Zagarella Cantina e Frantoio takes its origins in a strong family tradition since 1800 and started and cultivation of its lands. Since the beginning, they have set their aim in producing high-quality wines, constantly searching for a balanced and synergic result between nature and man’s work, which is a complete and mutual respect. The estate has a total area of 70 hectares: 36 hectares of them are cultivated in olive trees, 24 hectares in wild chestnuts, and 10 hectares in biological vineyards.

The company uses natural and advanced technologies to carry out the vinification process. They are using Ganimede Fermentation which is the most important example of their process. This winemaking process allows their experts to manage grapes without any mechanical procedure maintaining the integrity of the grapes’ end, so, of the taste. Their wines contain a strong extraction of the typical aromas of their grapes. What you find in a Zagarella bottle is not just good wine, but a combination of the noble perfumes of South Italy and the job of an enthusiastic young team of managers who expertly combine earth and sun, technology and tradition, history and modernity.

Just this year, Zagarella Cantina e Frantoio has joined America Wine Awards 2021 and has received a Gold and a Silver award, awarded by

Alfierinero 2019 at America Wine Awards 2021Alfierinero 2019 has received a Gold Award in America Wine Awards 2021, awarded by

Terragrande 2018 at America Wine Awards 2021

Terragrande 2018 has received a Silver Award in America Wine Awards 2021, awarded

Zagarella Cantina e Frantoio has been exporting their wines since 2008, the year they have won their first prize. They are working hard to make Calabria wine known by participating in all important events. As always happened, they capture the attention of market operators through the naturalness of the product, the unchanged transfer of the terroir, and the persistence of perfumes of the wines. Once the partnership with foreign distributors has started, they have immediately and constantly evaluated and jointly develop a verticalized marketing strategy in the area where they operate.

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