Chateaus ESCOT is located in an area that is rich in soil and has water spring. It is one of the oldest vineyards in Médoc, for wine has been grown here for 150 years! It has been bought in July 2019 by 2 Czech people, M Vit Bartoskek and M Richard Moravek. Mr Bartosek is a wine professional importer, who also owns 2 famous restaurants in Prague. Mr Moravek is a real estate manager, who is planning to renovate the entire castle to host people for accommodation and wine tourism. They also plan to renovate the technical area and tools to improve the production of their wines.

Recently, they have joined America Wines Awards 2020 and has received a Gold and a Silver Award for the following products;

Médoc - Cru Bourgeois at America Wines Paper
Château ESCOT 2017 – Médoc – Cru Bourgeois has received a Gold Award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by America Wines Paper.

Château ESCOT 2016 – Médoc – Cru Bourgeois has received a Silver Award in America Wines Awards 2020, awarded by America Wines Paper.

The new owners will also enlarge the range by adding a high-quality Cuvee / wine called Trésor Escot “Treasure Escot”, a white wine that will be created in 3-4 years called Fontaine Escot “Fountain of Escot”, who planted the vines of Sauvignon Gris this spring.

They have also commercialised their Foret Escot “Forest Escot” which is the new name of Chateau Privera Le Tertre their second label which has more merlot in the blend, fruiter to age faster.

An interview with Sonia Ozanne, Commercial Director at Chateau ESCOT:

Sonia Ozanne at America Wines Paper
Do you already export to America? If yes, where? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in America?
Yes through the importer MR WINE.
What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors? 
Our terroir is very qualitative and our wines are very well balanced.
When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?
We started a few years ago, we want to make people know about Chateau Escot because its history dates back from antique time and the wines are like the history timeless. We planned to develop the US market even if it is not the best time right now but we know American people love French wines they have this culture and we know from experience that passion for wine has no boundaries.

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