The Romano Winery is a family-owned company and was developed in the mid-80s by the Romano family, dedicated for the generations of cultivation of vineyards and converts grapes into high-quality wines. Its vineyards are located upstream of Lake Poma, a very suitable wine area. The vineyards have gone major repair and restructuring and have been uprooted and replanted according to the most suitable agronomic techniques for the production of quality grapes.

All the varieties are cultivated with over a hundred years of knowledge and transformed with the best oenological techniques managed by an expert hand, they give rise to still, pleasant wines, with a harmony of scents and aromas that are rarely equal.

Romano winery has recently joined America Wines Awards 2020 and has received Gold and Silver awards for the products below:

PrimeLuci Grillo 2018 at America Wines Awards 2020Primeluci Grillo 2018

PrimeLuci Rosso at America Wines Awards 2020Primeluci Rosso 2016

Fawarah Nerello Mascalese 2016 at America Wines Awards 2020Fawarah Nerello Mascalese 2016

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