A slow process, respectful of the rhythms of nature and the ancient wisdom of those who have been making wine for generations.

From the cultured nature of Chianti, from this earth shaped and refined by the wise work of man, the Davinum products are born.

Oil and wine for the few: for friends, friends of friends and loyal customers. Every Davinum product is like a family piece: you know where it comes from, you want to know where it goes. This is why there is only a handshake between producer and consumer.

Davinum at America Wines Paper

In 2006 the Schaetti family bought the Casalta farm: a manor house surrounded by 6 hectares of land. A land largely uncultivated, with an area of ​​about 2 hectares on which an old vineyard of the Seventies languished; a heritage that asked to be revitalized and valued, in order to return to live and give its precious fruits.

The generous farsightedness of the Schaetti family and the competent experience of its collaborators have totally revived the fortunes of this land, giving it all the value it deserved. In 2008 the new agricultural hydraulic structure was completed, to arrive in 2010 at the current vineyard plant.

Recently, they have joined America Awards 2019 and won 3 golds and 1 silver. Here are the wines that won the competition.

TOSCANETTI 2018 – TOSCANA IGT – has been awarded Gold by America Wines Paper
The full expression of the Sangiovese of our lands, harvested by hand, vinified exclusively in stainless steel tanks to avoid altering it with respectful maceration times, giving the wine great fruit and softness. Aromas of fresh red fruit and cherries, floral sensations reminiscent of violet and rose.
Davinum Toscanetti at America Wines Paper

NOSTRUM 2016 – TOSCANA IGT – has been awarded Gold by America Wines Paper
Ruby red color, fruity-spicy aroma with aromas of small red fruits: this wine with a complex and well-structured taste, characterized by sweet and enveloping tannins, tells the palate the glories of a noble and excellent Tuscany.
Nostrum 2016 at America Wines Paper

SOLO UNO 2015 – has been awarded Gold by America Wines Paper
Intense ruby ​​red color, scent of fresh and clean red and black berries, toasting, fine wood and very pleasant notes, complex and well-structured taste, characterized by sweet and enveloping tannins.
Solo Uno 2015 at America Wines Paper

OPAL ROSATO – has been awarded Silver by America Wines Paper
Rosé with a light color and light reflections on the ruby. Elegant vinification of Sangiovese with aromas of white flowers, citrus scent with notes of strawberry and cherry.
Opal at America Wines Paper
If you want to see more of their products, you can visit them at http://www.davinum.it/