The history of this castle began in 1230 for the building, but the first date was in 769 with the famous Charlemagne.

Chateau de La Riviere is a 100 hectares estate covers with vineyards of 65 hectares mainly merlot planted on clay-limestone soil. It shelters 8 hectares of careers of limestone, ideal for the ageing in barrels and the conservation of the bottles. It’s located on the top of the hill with a stunning view of the Dordogn river.

Chateau de La Riviere at America Wines Paper.

They are one of the most beautiful castles of Bordeaux and the largest area of ​​the Fronsac appellation. Their wines are produced by a team passionate with the aim of obtaining wines with a nice balance, a beautiful structure expressing the best the soil; wines to drink now but to keep for many years.

Before they are sold, all their bottles are stored in our huge underground cellars (8 hectares equivalent to 25km of galleries) and patiently wait in perfect conditions (close to 100% humidity, total darkness and 13 degrees all the year). A real asset for their wines.

Chateau de La Riviere has joined America Awards 2019 and 2 of their wines was awarded Gold by America Wines Paper.

  1. Château de La Rivière 2012
  2. Château de La Rivière 2014

They started exporting a long time ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, and they plan to continue this expansion in a maximum of open countries and wine lovers. They know that the US has a population that loves wine. And they continue like this.

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