The history of the winery begins in 1853 when Lozano family plants the first vineyards in Villarrobledo formed mainly by the Airén variety, which is autochthonous for this area. Since then four generations have been managed the winery always laying on hard work and use of traditional techniques in the elaboration process.

Bodegas Lozano at America Wines Paper

One of the main factors of the company’s fermentation capacity increase was the acquisition of the present facility in 1985.

In 2005 Lozano diversified the business and began to produce also juices and concentrated musts forming CONUVA. Continued following the same philosophy of achieving the highest quality in all its products and providing a differential value and trust to all customers.

The winery has gone through different stages that have shaped what it is today: a professional and referent company in the wine sector, which adapts to the new times through new products and formats.

Nowadays the company is present in more than 50 countries thanks to the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the different markets and thanks to the quality of all our products. International recognition of Lozano wines makes ascending the growth of the company.

Their objective focuses on providing value added to their customers taking care of all the production processes, from the grape to the final product. In addition, they have a development plan wagering on the innovation products as frizzantes, cocktails and sangria, which are becoming the reference in the market.

Their premium product range is composed of reference brands of their winery like 1853, Oristan, Marqués de Toledo, Añoranza and Ophicus. These brands match the highest quality of the wines they offer, mainly elaborated with grapes from their own vineyards.

Having a great vineyard allows them to have total control over the final product, knowing before harvesting which specific product will be made from each type of grape variety. The vineyard, which is located in a low mountain area at about 800 meters of altitude with clay-calcareous soil, is made up of fourteen grape varieties from which Airén, Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Cencibel and Cabernet Sauvignon are predominant.

Recently, Bodegas Lozano has joined America Wines Awards 2019 and 6 of their wines won an award.

Montes de Leza Crianza – 2015 – received a Gold award

Montes de Leza Crianza - 2015 at America Wines Paper

Lozano Rosado – 2018 – received a Gold award

Lozano Rosado - 2018 at America Wines Paper

Ophicus Brut White – 2018 – received a Gold award

Ophicus Brut White - 2018 at America Wines Paper

Oristan Crianza – 2016 – received a Gold award

Oristan Crianza - 2016 at America Wines Paper

Montes de Leza – 2018 – received a Silver award

Montes de Leza Crianza - 2015 at America Wines Paper

Marques de Toledo Verdejo – 2018 – received a Silver award

Marques de Toledo Verdejo - 2018 at America Wines Paper interview to:

Agata Lozano at America Wines PaperÁgata Lozano – Area Manager – Canada & USA -Global Brand Ambassador

Question 1: Do you already export to America? If yes, where? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in America?

Yes, we do. Currently we have partners in Florida, New York and Washington State, however, the availability of our wines is still very limited in the USA market.

We are now actively searching for distributors to collaborate with and we are seeking loyal and long-term relationships that would yield substantial benefits for all involved.  As our wines will add value to distributors portfolio, our partnerships should have a strong and solid sales team with a deep knowledge of our services and competitive advantages.  

 Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors?

It is important for us to listen to our customers and partners to meet their needs. Our maximum care about the grapes, the most modern technology managed by an extraordinary human team that combines it with the traditions, an exhaustive control of costs, flexibility, agile decision-making, enthusiasm, desire to learn, continuous training… everything is a perfect match that identifies our project and our exceptional products.

We offer:

  • Hight Quality Wines (wineries in Rioja and La Mancha)
  • Competitive prices.
  • A broad range of varietals crafted to the specific requests of our clients (still wines, frizzantes, sangrias, sparkling, cocktails…) and multiple packaging possibilities. We could customize any product and produce private labels.
  • Delivery capability.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

Lozano started to export bottled wines at the beginning of the 90s. Currently, with vineyards and wineries in Rioja and La Mancha, delegations in California, Madrid, Shanghai, the plan for international growth and consolidation is a priority. To reach long-term alliances with distributors, who present our wines with dedication and passion, as well as with off-trade agents so that the American market will be the destination of 30% of our total production is the foundation of our three-year commercial plan.

If you want to see more of their wines, visit their website by clicking here.