The United States, the world leader in the volume of wine consumed for the 23rd year in a row, should continue to grow in the next five years, said Thursday Vinexpo, organizers of five international exhibitions dedicated to wines and spirits.
With a consumption of nearly $ 34 billion in 2016, the United States should see these figures grow by 2021 to reach $ 45 billion, in a global market estimated at $ 224 billion, according to a Vinexpo study / IWSR (International Wine and Spirit Research).

This trend goes against what the major European markets such as France, Germany and Italy, which experienced a decline in value and volume in 2016, said Vinexpo in a statement.

Local and imported wines, especially from New Zealand and France, are expected to grow, the study adds.

Regarding sparkling wines, their consumption is expected to increase in the United States by around 6% over the next five years, compared with 2% worldwide. The fourth largest consumer market, they are expected to overtake France by 2021, ranking third among the consumer countries behind Prosecco, after Italy and the United Kingdom.

For “premium spirits”, an increase of more than 5% per year between 2016 and 2021 is expected, and more than 7% on average for the “super premium” categories.

The popularity of American whiskeys shows no signs of decline in the domestic market, with flavored Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey remaining the main drivers of growth in this category, which is also very popular in Germany and the United Kingdom.