Friday, May 20, 2022
America Wines Awards 2022
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Sektmanufaktur Albert Hasenstein at America Wines Paper

Sektmanufaktur Albert Hasenstein: Sparkling Wines in Traditional Method of Classical Bottle Fermentation

Sektmanufaktur Albert Hasenstein is a young, family-run sparkling wine factory from Bavaria, Germany. The company stands for traditional sparkling wine production with modern influences. Their sparkling wines are produced exclusively according to the traditional method of classical bottle fermentation....
Kakhi's Wines at America Wines Paper

Kakhi’s Wines: Uses Kvevri In Making Quality Wines

Kakhi's Wine was established last 2017, located in Maisuradze Str. Gldani, Tbilisi, Georgia. Producing quality wines is the owners' passion. Their main goal is to produce biologically pure wine by not losing their traditional winemaking techniques, which mainly involves...